We follow an active, process-based approach to create content that is engaging and relevant to your business.

services - copywriting
  1. Understand you as a client.
  2. Profile your target audience.
  3. Discuss and identify your objectives.
  4. Determine your tone and style.
  5. Create a clear and concise message.


Content audit

We measure the effectiveness of your marketing materials.

services - content audit

We audit your existing written materials to determine how your company and product information is perceived by your target audience.

We review content, messaging and overall brand and visual representation.

This rigourous and independent process gives you an honest and comprehensive assessment of how your materials are received and interpreted by your clients.


Language style guides

Expanding your corporate identity guide.

services - language style guides

We help you identify and create a language style that reflects your business tone, matches your brand personality and communicates your corporate culture.

A language style guide is an important addition to the guidelines used to develop your company’s corporate identity.

It ensures the consistent use of language and tone across your written materials.

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